Why should you go cruelty free?

Why should you go cruelty free?

Not all lip balms are created equal.

Everyone knows that what you put on your lips has a direct impact on your smile and physical appearance. But there is also a mental and spiritual component to the products that you support.

Some lip balms are made with good intentions but contain ingredients that aren’t so good for you. These are lip balms that have harsh chemicals that can dry out and crack your lips - the opposite of what you actually want to happen.

Other lip balms contain ingredients that are supposedly good for you, but were created using questionable practices that either exploit or harm people or animals. 

That's why a lot of people choose cruelty free brands. 

They like knowing that their comfort isn't coming at someone or something else's expense. 

Aside from not testing on animals, cruelty free brands tend to use more natural ingredients and more ethical procurement practices.

For example, at Skin Is Skin, we personally know all of our suppliers, and we choose to work with smaller, boutique businesses when possible. The people we work with share our beliefs and ethics, and so we have confidence that not only are we producing something great for your lips, we are doing it in an ethical and compassionate manner.

Natural ingredients are also better for your skin. So, not only do you end up with a better product, you end up with a better ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. 

Not everyone considers these things when shopping for a lip balm. Some people care more about price. And while you can get cheap or petroleum based products to put on your lips, if you are one of the people that want high quality and peace of mind, then cruelty free is the way to go.

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