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100% Natural Ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients

Coconut Oil (organic)
Castor Seed Oil
Hibiscus Seed Oil
Baobab Seed Oil (organic)
Shea Butter (organic)
Candelilla Wax
Natural and Essential Oils

Sharon and Magatte

Please join us in doing the
No More Stereotypes Practice

We’ve been working on these 5 exercises adapted from a scientific training program shown to undo the unintentional habit of bias. Some really interesting stuff is coming up for both of us and changing the way we move through the world.


No More Stereotypes
Why I started this company

Why I started this company…

almond & soul

New almond & soul flavor ready to save dry lips and give the soul a boost.

Side effects may include deep thinking, wild ideas, expansive experiences, mischievous behavior, and enriching friendships. Every time you put a little on your lips, go exploring.

Happy soul-searching!

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Team Senegal

skinisskin was born in Austin but is made in Senegal, Magatte’s hometown. She wanted to provide talented individuals with a chance at independence and an opportunity to learn new skills. Magatte believes in the power of business to help achieve social and financial equality for those that are being left out.

The role of lip balm in fighting bias

The role of lip balm in fighting bias.

Ok, this may not be obvious, but this is how it works.

We infuse each premium lip balm with an important additional ingredient…this one has curiosity. We hope each time you take care of your lips, you are reminded to also switch on your curiosity, an essential ingredient in un-doing the habit of unconscious bias.

In addition to its job keeping your lips hydrated and soft, 50% of profits go to organizations working to end discrimination.

Talk about multi-tasking!