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Coconut & Love

Coconut and love + cup of hot chocolate.
Happy lips, cozy thoughts.

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Sharon and Magatte

Please join us in doing the
No More Stereotypes Practice

We’ve been working on these 5 exercises adapted from a scientific training program shown to undo the unintentional habit of bias. Some really interesting stuff is coming up for both of us and changing the way we move through the world.


No More Stereotypes
Why I started this company

Why I started this company…

almond & soul

New almond & soul flavor ready to save dry lips and give the soul a boost.

Side effects may include deep thinking, wild ideas, expansive experiences, mischievous behavior, and enriching friendships. Every time you put a little on your lips, go exploring.

Happy soul-searching!

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I am a Sufi healer who revels in the mystical experience of silence and solitude. I often practice silent meditation for 24 hrs at a time. It gives me a sense of inner peace and a deep insight into the human condition. Perhaps we will incorporate a guided meditation at work and see how it affects the harmony of the place. 

We have a beautiful and professional lab here in Senegal; our standards are very high, and we hope you notice the difference in your lip balm.

100% Natural

Superfood for your lips, inspiration for your actions

skinisskin…go beyond

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