The Worst Valentine's Day Gifts  (According to the Internet)

So, online jewelry retailer,, conducted a survey of 2000 people and came up with a list of the most hated Valentine's Day Gifts. They were:
  • Furry handcuffs (34%)
  • Flowers (28%)
  • A heart-shaped box of chocolates (22%)
  • A funny card (25%)
  • Lingerie (24%)
  • Champagne (19%)
  • A love coupon book (18%)
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries (18%)
  • Perfume (17%)
  • Underwear (15%)
  • Scented candles (14%)
  • A serenade (14%)
  • A massage (14%)
  • Fancy dinner (10%)
Now, I can understand furry handcuffs, but some of the other items seem awfully picky. You're going to get mad at someone for taking you on a fancy dinner?!?
Well, you know what wasn't on the list? The Kiss Kit Deluxe, our limited edition gift set that contained:
  • A curated selection of African Teas (3)
  • Our Kiss Kit lip balms (3)
  • Two temporary Skin Is Skin tattoos (2)
  • And a premium carrying case (1)
Although it is too late for you to order it and receive it in time for Valentine's day, we will leave it up for a few more days in case you wanted to try these amazing teas.
After that, it will be gone forever. Order here.