Real vs Fake Black Owned Businesses

Real vs Fake Black Owned Businesses

We didn't even know this was a thing, but after getting a bunch of spam DM's a while back on our social media accounts, we did some investigating, and found out that there are actually some companies that are masquerading as black owned businesses when in fact they are not.

Check it out:

The thing about faking is that it never lasts. Eventually you get caught. The only way to build something lasting for the long term is to make sure you are 100% honest about everything you do.

Here at Skin Is Skin, we are 100% real. Our CEO Magatte Wade is a real life powerful black woman. Our product really is made in Senegal, West Africa. And we really do contribute to and support local communities.

We are black owned.

We are female owned.

We are community driven.

We are Skin Is Skin.

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