Partner Profiles

Trish and Will - No More Stereotypes

Meet the wonderful scientists behind the No More Stereotypes Practice. Trish and Will are the brains behind the training program that has shown to undo the habit of unintentional bias.

They practice their craft at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have generously guided us through this complex issue. Our collaboration with them has been fun as well as inspirational. You can find out more about their work here.

Andy Dollerson (right) is the masterful composer who created our launch video soundtrack. Pictured here with his business partner Jake, these two know how to bring emotion, intensity, humor, and originality to any visual form and they’re really nice guys. You can find them at

Vanessa Reiser Shaw

Vanessa Reiser Shaw is a storyteller. She has the unique ability to find the pithy parts of any conversation and create a compelling story that draws you in. Whether it’s shooting, editing or organizing, Vanessa is creative, professional and fun to work with, you can find her at

Nine Francois Nine Francois Animals

Nine Francois is fearless. Her animalia series requires getting up close and personal with unpredictable animals, no fences, no barriers. This is Nine’s art but she also lends her talents to commercial projects she feels strongly about.

Lucky for us she cares about the issue of inclusion and equality and brought her amazing skill of capturing something unique and beautiful to our campaign. You can find her at

Mark Kirkpatrick

Mark Kirkpatrick has an eye for the unusual. A strange pattern, a weird shadow, a whimsical moment; he points his lens at the real world and finds something interesting every time.

Mark is our street photographer, he takes our lip balm on his travels and sends us the bounty.