Magatte Wade - Founder and CEO

Magatte Wade is our CEO and founder. This is her third entrepreneurial venture. She is a leading thinker and speaker on the subject of using business as a solution to poverty and social issues. Magatte was born in Senegal, educated in France and Germany and was drawn to the entrepreneurial spirit of America, where she came to start her career. Skinisskin is her new baby, focused on encouraging curiosity beyond the skin and giving everyone a chance to flourish.


Say hello to our new National Sales Manager, Elfego!
He’s based in California, but half of his heart lives in Guatemala where he spent 8 wonderful years. He loves to travel, he’s a foodie, coffee snob and culturally curious about everything…including Jungian psychology…you’ll have to ask him about that one. If you have a favorite store near you that you’d like to carry skinisskin products, reach out to Elfego; we’d love to be in your neighborhood. 415-290-5184.


Isabelle is our skinisskin storyteller, she lives in Austin, TX but is currently on assignment in Senegal, where skinisskin is made. The question that drives Isabelle is “how do I live in a way that makes it possible for you too, to be free”? Through her writing and photographs, she wants to show you what is at the heart of humanity, to help you see the real people, understand their dreams and realize how connected we all are.

Sharon Miller - CMO and brand steward

Sharon Miller is our CMO and brand steward. She has worked in advertising and marketing for over 25 years. A London native, Sharon started her career working for Jim Henson at the Muppets. She is drawn to creative mavericks and has learned from some of the best. She met Magatte on a plane a few years ago where they got into a deep conversation about the state of Xenophobia in the world and the role of brands in changing culture. 4 coffee meetings later, they decided to partner up to launch skinisskin.

Mark Kirkpatrick

Mark Kirkpatrick has an eye for the unusual. A strange pattern, a weird shadow, a whimsical moment; he points his lens at the real world and finds something interesting every time.

Mark is our street photographer, he takes our lip balm on his travels and sends us the bounty.


Nabou is one of our team members in Senegal. She’s a single mom with a 6-year-old daughter whom she hopes to inspire to be bold and fearlessly go after her dreams. Nabou is incredibly hardworking and meticulous in her work. She didn’t know anything about the production process when she joined us, yet within weeks she was handling it all as if she’d done it before. As we seek to expand, she will probably be the one training others.

Trish and Will - No More Stereotypes

Meet the wonderful scientists behind the No More Stereotypes Practice. Trish and Will are the brains behind the training program that has shown to undo the habit of unintentional bias.

They practice their craft at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have generously guided us through this complex issue. Our collaboration with them has been fun as well as inspirational. You can find out more about their work here.

Vanessa Reiser Shaw

Vanessa Reiser Shaw is a storyteller. She has the unique ability to find the pithy parts of any conversation and create a compelling story that draws you in. Whether it’s shooting, editing or organizing, Vanessa is creative, professional and fun to work with, you can find her at


Goose — support staff at skin is skin