Company Overview

skinisskin is a social impact brand on a mission to end discrimination.

We are a social enterprise; we make and sell 100% natural, vegan skincare products that nourish skin and nurture connection and use our products to promote personal actions that overcome the habit of using stereotypes to judge people.

Skinisskin is rooted in two worlds; the company was born in Austin, TX in 2017, and our products are made in Mekhe, Senegal to offer a chance at independence to talented and hard working people in Africa.

Key Players

Magatte Wade is our CEO and founder. Now in her third entrepreneurial venture, she is a leading thinker and speaker on the subject of using business as a solution to poverty and social issues. Magatte was born in Senegal, educated in France and Germany, and was drawn to the entrepreneurial spirit of America, where she came to start her career. Her first endeavor was a healthy beverage brand called Adina, bottling the secret ingredients from Senegal known to support health. Her second business is a skincare company called Tiossan, whose profits are used to fund an entrepreneurs school in her home town of Mekhe. Skinisskin is her new baby, focused on encouraging curiosity beyond the skin and giving everyone a chance to flourish.

Sharon Miller is our CMO and brand steward. She has worked in advertising and marketing for over 25 years with international clients such as Whole Foods Market, ESPN, PRET, Nike and a whole host of start-ups. A London native, Sharon started her career working for Jim Henson at the Muppets. She is drawn to creative mavericks and has learned from some of the best. After her time working at creative agency Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, Oregon, she decided to start her own brand consultancy and moved to Austin, TX to enjoy some sun. She met Magatte on a plane a few years ago where they got into deep conversation about the state of Xenophobia in the world and the role of brands in changing culture. As a result, 4 coffee meetings later, they decided to partner up to launch skinisskin.

Our Products

When you pick up our lip balm, you are getting so much more than soft lips. We designed our lip balms to make you stop and think. Each one is infused with additional ingredients of curiosity, empathy, love and soul…actions that help you overcome the habit of putting people in boxes. We are also very fussy about quality; as a result, we go to great lengths to bring 100% natural, premium ingredients together to make this custom lip balm the best there is.

Filled with premium ingredients from Africa known to heal and protect: hibiscus oil, baobab oil, shea butter, and coconut oil.

Roots in Senegal

Team in Senegal

This is our team in Senegal. We produce a premium product and give talented people a chance at independence through hard work. We have a new, professional lab in Mekhe, a town just outside the capital, Dakar.

No More Stereotypes Practice

5 personal exercises that help you overcome the habit of bias. We collaborated with scientists, Dr. Patricia Devine and William Cox at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. They have been working in the area of unconscious bias for 10 years and have developed a training program with promising results. Since then, we created a version of their exercises to share with our brand community…and anyone else who will listen. We dedicated our website and social sites to encouraging participation in this personal practice.

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