Is this brand just for minorities?

No. it’s for thinkers of all sorts. To begin with we are representing those who deal with more than the average discrimination but we want to improve how we all mix together and we think everyone can be a part of that

Where are 50% of your profits going?

We are always looking for organizations doing great work on discrimination and bias in schools and the community.

2017-2018 recipients of the Skin is skin funds are: University of Wisconsin Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab and No Place for Hate – ADL Austin chapter.

Scientists at UW have developed a training program that has shown to un-do the habit of unintentional bias. We are compartmentalizing the training in to a weekly practice to share with our brand community as well as supporting on-going research and expanding public access of their work.

No Place For Hate is an anti-bias curriculum that provides sequential lessons to help youth in grades K-12 build a strong foundation for analyzing and confronting bias. There are currently 322 participating schools in Austin.

What makes your lip balm different than others?

For starters, this lip balm really takes care of your lips. The natural ingredients are formulated to hydrate, protect and nourish. Secondly, we are giving 50% of our profits to organizations working to end bias. And 3rd, we are sharing ideas, actions and encouragement with our brand community to do more on a personal level.

Where can I get the lip balm?

It’s available locally in Austin at a variety of retailers but can also be purchased at our on-line shop.

What are you hoping to change with your brand?

We are hoping to encourage like-minded people who care about other people to make an active effort and connect with others in a more meaningful way, by being curious beyond the skin.

Do you have other products?

We have two new lip balm flavors coming out before Xmas, something special for Valentine’s Day, and we’re working on a hand balm for release in the fall of 2018. After that, we have some essential oils and soaps on the way.

Why I started this company…

What has lip balm got to do with discrimination?

We wanted to make a product that nourishes the parts of people that can do some good. Lips are connectors, they are the place for kind words, they smile, they encourage, kissing isn’t bad either.

Lip balm is an accessible product that anyone can buy and it’s easily carried around as a reminder to switch on your curiosity, empathy and love…the other important ingredients in our product.