University of Wisconsin-Madison

2018-2019 Recipient

Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab

The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Psychology

Dr. Patricia G. DevineDr. William T. L. Cox

Dr. Patricia G. Devine
Dr. William T. L. Cox

Patricia and Will are scientists at the University of Wisconsin. They are experts in the study of stereotypes, prejudice, and unintentional bias.

They have developed The Prejudice Habit-Breaking Intervention, a training program that has been shown to reduce the habit of unintentional bias.

We are partnering with them to bring you a monthly practice that will help you understand why bias exists, how to spot it when it happens, and most importantly, give you specific things to do to help change the socially ingrained habits of stereotyping.

It is our heartfelt wish to improve how we all mix together. We invite you to join us in taking an active and positive step forward.

If you would like to root around in the academic treasure trove:

  • see Patricia’s work here
  • and Will’s work here

Skinisskin is funding ongoing research into breaking the habits of stereotyping and bias with an emphasis on creating materials for broader public use.

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